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about full bloom herbals


Meet Favrah

My own journey began with an awakening in 2008. 

I became aware of myself and how my actions affected the people closest to me.  It was then, that I made a conscious commitment to engage in the personal, spiritual growth work that has enabled me to identify and release old patterns, express my truth and rewrite my story. 

I realized in 2010 that I possessed the empathic qualities that are very useful in the practice of Reiki. I set out to learn the practice of reiki and have been a registered Reiki Master since 2012. 

The path of wholistic wellness led me also, to become a certified Hypnotherapist and Akashic Records Reader, both of which I practice and share today. 

My adventures in my own personal growth, led me towards herbalism. I am now a certified Community Herbalist, adding more depth to my journey, my work and my offerings.

Facilitating the journeys and transformational experiences of others, is my intention and my purpose, and is extremely fulfilling for me.

I feel blessed to work with purpose in this life. I live and work in Treaty 7 Territory and feel grateful for this land we now call Calgary Alberta. I live with my amazingly supportive partner. Together, we fulfil our lives purposes through deepening our connection with ourselves, each other and the Earth.

I am here to meet you in your most vulnerable places and am honoured to support and facilitate your journey.


what is herbal medicine?

Full Bloom Herbals is focused on providing medicine using a holistic approach. We select the finest herbs available, grown in our own backyard, or sourced as locally as possible. Our commitment is to bring the Earth's natural medicine to you.   

Favrah is also happy to offer Herbal Wellness Consultations!

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history of full bloom herbals

Full Bloom Herbals was founded in 2012 by Melanie Stevens Isles. Favrah began training under Melanie in 2016 and flourished. This relationship built the trust and knowledge necessary for Melanie to pass the reins to Favrah in the business's succession in 2020.

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