Hand blended teas:   $14-$20

  • Full Steam Ahead – daily mineral tea, nutritive and nourishing, full of bioavailable minerals to support the body and bring energy.

  • Five Minutes Peace – Need a little pick me up in the afternoon? Nerves frazzled by the fast pace of your days, take a few minutes to brew yourself a cup of love!

  • Sweet Dreams – a calming warm cup of tea to bring peace and sleep.

  • Belly Bliss – helpful and calming for many different digestive upsets.

  • Sing Out Loud – throat soother tea

  • Vitamin C – a hit with the kids! A sweet nourishing blend of herbs full of vitamin C.

  • Moon Time – take the time to honour and care for your body during your menstrual cycle. This blend eases cramps, calms bloating and even helps lighten your mood.



Essential Oils:   $12-25


  • Breathe Easy – anti-viral, anti-bacterial, calming and clearing for the respiratory system

  • Sleep Tight – draws the mind into the body to support deep and peaceful sleep

  • Headache Blend – blended into jojoba oil for direct application to relieve headaches

  • Sting Soother – draws the itch and sting out from insect bites.

  • Smile – dental pain blend, analgesic and anti-microbial.


Salves:   $16


  • Chickweed and Plantain Salve – soothes and heals dry or weapy ezcema.

  • Summer Soles – with poplar buds to heal small cuts and scrapes and relieve tired hands. Will also heal cracked fingers and heels.

  • Warming chest rub - calming and soothing, brings healing energy to the upper respiratory area. Will stop a cough and help you sleep.

  • Calendula Salve – super healing for many skin conditions and wounds. Helpful for diaper rash.

  • Bend Over Backwards - with arnica and St. John's wort oil to ease tired and aching muscles.


I have a wide range of single and blended tinctures, too many to list here. If you are looking for something specific don’t hesitate to contact me.


Looking for something blended just for you (or a loved one) let's work together to find the right thing. Just like the plants themselves each person is unique, with different needs and strengths. Custom blends work with your own unique requirements to design a blend balanced just for you



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