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I am so happy to be able to provide a variety of services alongside my shop of herbal medicine goodness to help you on your health and wellness journey. Learn more about my array of services below! And of course feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. 

Ritual & Ceremony Planning

Reiki Treatment

Herbal Wellness Consultation

Hypnotherapy Session

Akashic Records Reading

Garden Meet & Greet

Ritual & ceremony planning

Mark your milestones, your every days, your moon phases or want to celebrate yourself in any way. Favrah can create a ceremony or ritual to mail any occasion, any season, and any emotion. By listening to your story and understanding where you come from and what you would like abs create an amazing experience for you!

$200/ hr

typically 2-4 hours required, minimum 1 hour charge

Image by Joanna Kosinska

"Favrah is able to hold a circle in a way that brings peace, knowing and power all the while fostering a sense of calm. She was very generous with her wisdom and the herbs she gathered. It was wonderful to share ceremony with her and have her help guide our hearts and minds"

- ir

Calgary, Alberta


This beautiful and gentle yet powerful healing is a wonderful way to relax, heal, reveal and show yourself some extra love. Go inward feel supported and safe to go a little deeper into self.


each session is 90 minutes in length

Reiki Treatment


Let’s chat about your concerns, and your goals for your health and wellbeing. Together with the plants we will find the best way to move you through this time in your life with grace and ease. I will formulate a herbal remedy line individualized to your needs and desires. I look forward to meeting you and working with you on your wellness journey.


each session is 90 minutes in length.

follow up sessions are $1/min up to 30 minutes in length

Herbal Medicine


These sessions are designed to connect you with your subconscious to reveal and release anything that you might be hanging on to or that is holding you back from being your most authentic self.


each session is 60 minutes in length

Female Hypnotherapy Patient


Have your records read by Favrah to reveal the history of your soul. Every thought, emotion and experience that has ever happened to any soul lives in this space. Learn about the creation of your soul and your past lives.


each session is 60-90 minutes in length

Image by Cathy Mü

garden meet & greet

Ever wondered what all those plants are that just grow automatically without needing anything? Some might call them weeds, most herbalist call them medicine. Learn about the herbal medicine in your very own backyard or what might work best in your yard based on sun exposure and nutrients available. 

$150/ hr

typically 1-2 hours required, minimum 1 hour charge


trauma informed & lgtbq friendly

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