Alberta Herb Garden

I feel so privileged to have been able to attend the second Alberta Herb Gathering in July. To spend two and half days with dozens of other people who feel the call and connection to botanicals was so inspiring in many ways. It's not just a weekend for herbalists. Many different plant lovers were there, farmers, home gardeners, clinical herbalists, community herbalists, wildcrafters, adventurers, foodies and children. There is something for everyone.

I attended workshops about flower essences (we even made a special plant essence that captured all the amazing energy of the weekend), food as medicine, herbal actions, and caring for the healers heart. I have come home with pages of notes on botanicals and clinical subjects (respiratory tract and digestion specifically). New information and insight that I am looking forward to bringing to my practice.

For me the most exciting thing to come out of the weekend is the connections I have made with other herbalists and plant lovers in our province (and some further afield). There are so many people here doing such great things, the possibilities are endless! One of these new connections to me has led to my clinical apprenticeship. Starting this fall I will spend two weekends a month working with an amazing woman in her clinical practice. I'm so excited to be gaining new skills and deepening my knowledge of botanical medicine in action. Studying herbal medicine really is a lifetime affair. I'm looking forward to the next step in my own journey.

If you have any interest in spending a beautiful weekend in the Alberta woods with a bunch of plant lovers this weekend is worth checking out! I hope to see more Calgarians there in 2015!

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