Four ways Herbal Medicine can help you

Plant based medicine is so useful in so many ways. We can use plants in different ways every single day to improve our health. You are probably already using plants as medicine and you didn't even know it!

Let's explore some of the ways plant medicince can help you be well.

Accute Illnesses

Herbals can really pack a powerful punch. When working with things like colds and flus or gastro complaints matching the right herb to the job can really have a big impact. Herbs can really do a lot to shorten the duration of these illnesses. They can also bring a great deal of comfort by reducing the symptoms while we are sick.

Some that I like to have on hand at all times include fresh ginger, garlic and lemon. Cut these three up and put them in a mug and pour hot water over them add a little honey and you have yourself an immune boosting infusion that will help with colds and flus. Yes, even the garlic tastes good in there, you will be surprised.

Get yourself some ginger and start using it more. See what you learn from this root. It has a long history as a digestive herb.

Echinecea is probably one of the most well known plants when it comes to dealing with colds and flus. The tincture has been shown to be more effective in lessening the duration of a cold when taken in frequent and high doses early on in the life of a cold. I like to take a half a teaspoon every hour for 4-6 hours at the first sign of a cold. Add a hot bath and a good nights sleep and more often than not I wake up feeling good as new!

First Aid

I can't count the number of times I have reached into my cupboard for a plant to help mend one bashed up kid or another. Its not just the small people in my house that have been known to have the occaisional tumble or mishap in the kitchen.

Calendula in all forms (tincture, salve and tea) used topically for cuts and scrapes. It helps with healing and is anti-microbial to help stop those cuts from becoming infected.

Arnica for sore or strained muscles as well as brusing. I had a very nasty fall a few months ago that resulted in a trip to the hospital (I'm fine now, thanks for asking). Within minutes of falling I was taking homeopathic arnica, because yes I do carry it with me at all times. Every doc that looked at what they thought was a broken elbow remarked on the lack of swelling and visable bruising. I know this is from the arnica I was using. Arnica cream in the days following helped prevent my neck and shoulder from seizing up under the strain of wearing a cast and sling.

Specific Health Improvements

Here we move a little bit away from the kitchen herbals. Herbs have so much to offer when it comes to those complaints we think we just have to live with or are just part of getting older. Wonky menstrual cycles, chronic digestive complaints and inflamatory bowel disease, some chronic pain, headaches, yeast/candidia, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, menopause, the list goes on and on. Working with an herbalist can really go a long way to improving these areas. Call me to set up an appointment for your consultation today


Many herbs can be taken over the long term to help tone and strengthen the body. My favourite way to do this each day is with a nourishing herbal infusion. Its a simple ritual to start my day or brighten my afternoons. I adapt my herb choices based on the seasons and depending what else might be going on for me. Nettles, alfalfa, mushrooms like reishi and chaga, milky oat tops, lemonbalm, mints, red raspberry leaf and cleavers are all herbs I like to call on for daily support. One thing these all have in common is their high nutrient value. Plants grow in all kinds of conditions. Using plants that grow near us can add to their value. They adapt to the same envirnmental stresses that we face. Drinking infusions made with these plants helps us to adapt to those stresses as well.

This is a blend I commonly drink at home. It is deliscious hot and cold. Try it for yourself!

2 parts lemonbalm

1 part alfalfa

1/2 part red raspberry leaf

1/2 part oat tops

1/2 rose petals

The plants have so much to offer when it comes to bringing wellness into our lives. Pick a herb or two from the ones I mention here and start getting to know them today. Your body and spirit will thank you for it!

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