Herbs for PMS - Part 4

In previous blogs I have talked about lifestyle and diet changes you can make to support reducing PMS symptoms. We also learned about what a healthy menstural cycle looks like. This post has the herbal goodies you have been waiting for. Diet and lifestyle can do a great deal to bring balance and improve PMS symptoms but sometimes the body needs a little specific boost to get back on the right track. I will outline several classes of herbs that can help with specific complaints. If you need help choosing the right herb(s) for your situation working with a knowedgable herbalist can get you in the right direction.

Hormonal Regulators

This is a group of plants that help bring balance to the hormones. Vitex is the most common and popular herb in this group. Vitex has been used to help heal ovarian dysfunction and insuffecient corpus luteal activity. In the signature of plants it is a five-finger plant, a helper and supporter. According to Margi Flint it helps with opening the body/mind to change and freedom where there has been a block or interference. Dosage is 2 to 5ml of tincture once a day, typically taken in the morning.

Stress Relief – Nervines

I often think of this class of herbs are the

helping hands of the plant kingdom. They are supportive and quiet, doing their magic in the background. Not asking for big recognition or praise. Just doing the work that needs doing. Plants that help with stress, irritability, depression and insomnia are found in this group.

Passionflower, motherwort, milky oats, skullcap and St Johns wort are all herbs that help with mood. They can be taken throughout the month to prevent the mood changes that may come each month.


These herbs are all the rage of late. Plants that support the body generally, build energy and vitality, improve mental functioning and aid sugar metabolism. When taken over the long term these herbs nourish the body and improve stress responses. This reduces PMS symptoms by building the body and reducing overall stress. Eleuthro root, ashwagandha and schazandra are three of my favourites for women. They can be taken in combination with other herbs to support relief of specific concerns.

Liver Herbs

The liver is responsible for processing many of our hormones. Supporting the liver to do its job well helps keep hormones in balance and flowing optimally. Dandelion root, milk thistle, burdock and tumeric are all classic liver supporting herbs. They help improve digestion, can relieve mild constipation and help with cyclical acne.

Nourishing Cycle Tea

2 parts Nettle leaf

2 parts dandelion leaf

2 parts lemonbalm

1 part red clover flowers

1 part milky oat seeds

Blend these dried herbs together and store in an airtight container in a dark and cool place. To prepare take 1-2 teaspoons of herb mix per one cup of freshly boiled water. Cover and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Drink 2-4 cups of this nourishing blend per day.

Nettle leaf

Mineral rich and nutritive. Restores vitality to the body.

Milky Oats

This plant is for those that have been ‘burning the candle at both ends’. Deep and depleted exhaustion is the keynote here. A nourishing tonic plants that builds and feeds the body, restoring vigor and zest.

Dandilion leaf

A classic blood purifier and tonic. The leaf has more affinity to the kidneys and the root the liver. Helps to move stagnant and thick fluids (gall, blood, urine).


Supports calm and restorative sleep. Aids in digestion. Said to improve memory and cognative function.

Red Clover flowers

Support hormone balance. Tonifying and strengthening.

Try adding some of these plants to your daily routine. If after a couple of cycles you are not seeing the changes you would like book a consultation with me. We will work together to find the right plants for your needs.

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