Five herbs to Nourish your Brain

Happiness, it is really what we are all striving for in life. Every person just wants to feel joy and love most days.

Life brings a great deal of fluctuation. Some times it can seem hard to keep up and keep going. There are so many influences that shape our happiness. Genetics, environmental factors, past experiences, lifestyle and food choices. The safest and longest lasting way to create change in your brain chemistry is with a whole foods diet and herbs.

Herbs to nourish your brain

Just like we need to feed our bodies to keep them working in top form, our brains need nourishment also. Herbs can help both with their physical properties that they feed to the brain and also their energetics. They can feed the brain, providing much needed nutrients. Their gentle support can also feed the heart and therefore help the brain.

Skullcap – a classic nervine, the best one nature provides. Reduces pain, antidepressant, and mildly sedating. Helps bring focus and concentration.

Lemonbalm – an effective calming herb, useful for anxiety, especially low grade continuous stress. It nourishes the brain bringing feelings of peace and calm. Also protective against senility.

Motherwort – provides emotional support, a helping motherly hand during times of need. She shows us how to be strong and protective yet also soft and comforting.

Rosemary – brings circulation to the brain, increasing alertness and memory. An all-round brain tonic it also helps relieve depression and stress.

Oatstraw – a stellar whole system tonic herb. Deeply nourishing for all the body systems. For the brain and mood she is grounding, helping support concentration and focus. Especially helpful for children.

Try bringing these herbs into your daily life. See how they can help you to feed your brain and increase feelings of happiness and calm. To purchase any of the herbs in bulk contact me, I maintain a dispensary with a range of bulk herbs and preparations.

If you are not sure which herbs to start with book a consultation with me. I will help you decide the herbs that best match your situation and constitution.

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