Build a little, Cleanse a little

It's January. Time for fresh starts and resolutions. If you are into that kind of thing. Resolutions feel too much like pressure to me, so I don't make them. Instead, I prefer to see every day as a clean slate. A chance to make wise choices. A chance to forgive myself for whatever mistakes I may have made yesterday.

My approach to a new year (or spring or autumn or whenever) cleanse takes more of the long view. Many people love to endulge then cleanse after. I find this approach challenging. I prefer to focus on small shifts I can make that I can maintain over the long haul. This feels more nourishing and sustainable to me. I see it as part of self-care, evaluating what my goals are and how I can meet them.

A daily nourishing tea is my go to for building and toning the body. There are so many amazing plants we can choose from that are tasty and full of nutrients. Many people I work with begin to crave their daily tea. Finding it satisfying to continue with the tea well after their health has shifted. Tea can provide us with vitamins and minerals in a form that is easy for the body to absorb and use. Much better than taking a daily multi-vitamin, less expensive too!

Build a little - herbs

Plant medicine has a great deal to offer when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Adaptogens and tonic nervines are the herbs I look to for building and nourishing the body. These plants provide available nutrients for the body. Often helping to feed the nerves to restore function and resilience. They can relieve tension and stress, relaxing the body and mind, allowing space for recovery and healing.

Some common herbs for building are:

Milky Oat tops






Cleanse a little - herbs

There is a class of herbs called alteratives. Sometimes refered to as blood cleansers. These herbs gently help the body remove toxins and waste. The work to boost many metabolic processes. Many of them can be added to a daily tea as they are tasty. Because of the gentle nature of these plants they are best taken for at least a month to really see the benifits of them. These alterative herbs take the slow, steady and thorough approach. When taken over a long term these plants can be deeply healing.

Situations that call for this kind of slow and deep clearing include many kinds of sluggishness. Depressed immunity, swollen glands, 'bad skin', chronic infection, chronic fatigue or emotional disorders stemming from impaired digestion can all benifit from long term use of alteratives.

Alterative herbs include:

Red Clover




Blend up a tea with three or four of the herbs listed here for yourself. Try it out for a few weeks or a month see what changes you notice. Make sure you take good notes when you blend, when you hit on something you love you will want to be able to make it again!

Remember you can also come see me for a consultation. We can plan together what herbs will best support the improvements to your health you are looking for.

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