I've been thinking a lot about medicine and healing. Not suprizing given that my work is supporting people find healing with plant medicine. More specificallly, I've been thinking about the way we heal, the wounds and patterns that create dis-ease and how the plants support our healing. You know big and juicy things to think about as I wash the dishes and drive my kids to school. This is what the fallow periods of the seasons do for me, or do to me.

So many people come to plant medicine to figure out a natural way to cure or treat common ailments like headaches or colds. The plants have a lot to offer in this way. It is relativly easy to make so many home remedies for ourselves and our children. For a lot of mothers I know it is also a creative outlet for them. This is how I came to study plant medicine in the first place.

The thing that hooked me is the deeper healing plant medicine offers us. More than just 'take this plant to solve that problem.' The deep and lasting shifts of both body and mind that plants can give. When I work with people and they connect with a plant the space that opens up in them is nothing short of a miracle. Herbal medicine can open us up to possiblities we thought we long past. Shifting patterns and habits we didn't even know were holding us back.

We all have wounds and scars. That is the stuff of a life lived. We can choose how we face those wounds and face them as we are ready. Herbs can help support the physical healing and this opens up space for the emotional healing we need to stop repeating the patterns that wounded us in the first place.

As I work with plants in my own life I am constantly grateful for the peace the bring. Today I went for a walk in the trees in a park in our city. It is a beautiful sunny late winter day. As I walked and mulled over these thoughts all I feel is gratitude. For the plants, for the people that trust me to support them on their healing journey. The warm sun beaming down love on us all.

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