"Having previously had the pleasure of hearing Favrah talk about her experiences learning Akashic Records, I was very interested in booking a session with her to have my records read. Prior to the session I created many questions and was interested to hear what the Masters had to say in regards to everything from my past lives to my career all the way through to whether I was a good pet owner. Favrah tapped into my Records and acted as an immaculate medium for the process. The answers I received were profound, touching, wise and healing and I was staggered how accurate the information was to my current state. Afterwards I felt I had real direction and ideas on where to direct my energy in life and I am most grateful to Favrah for this experience. I strongly urge anyone curious on the Akashic Records to book an appointment with Favrah as I have found my reading to be incredibly rewarding"

LG, Canada


"I had an amazing Akashic Record Reading with Favrah at Hearts Awakening. She was able to tap into the deepest parts of my soul and help me to focus on the parts of myself that need the most healing. She is a clear conduit providing me with information that allowed me to understand my path better and how best to move forward. I highly recommend her to anyone soul searching or simply wanting to learn more about themselves and their lives."

JL, Canada

"I had an Akashic Records Reading from Favrah through Hearts Awakening. I am a skeptic when it comes to some of the spiritual practices, but I came in with an open mind. I was quickly surprised at the depth of wisdom in the reading. Many of the ideas that came forward resonated with me, both in the present and into my past. I felt connected to the process, and ended up journaling about the experience. It has been helpful in organizing my thoughts, and giving me some direction for further mediation and deep thinking. Thank you Favrah for being open to share your knowledge and wisdom."

JZ, Canada

"I had my first ever Akashic records reading with Favrah. As I was new to this healing modality, I didn’t know what to expect. Having worked with Favrah before, however, I was confident that I was in good hands. As always, Favrah held a very powerful and safe space for the session. She also put me at ease right away by clearly explaining some information about what the Akashic Records are and set the expectations for the session so that I wasn’t left to wonder what was going on. Several times during the session I had a deep feeling of knowing that the information I was receiving was true. This allowed me to have some powerful releasing and healing of emotions. After the session, I felt I had received valuable and practical information that I could use to empower me as I move forward in my life. Now that I have had a few months to process the session and to put into action some of the recommendations I received, I feel great and am excited for my next session! Thank you, Favrah!"

VK, Canada

"Dear Favrah,

I wanted to thank you again for the Akashic Record Reading skype session I had with you. It was informative and precious. The details that you provided were substantial and accurate, and they totally resonated with my life situation. I was also surprised how relaxing the session was in itself. I will definitely come back for more."

SJ, Singapore

"I was lucky to get some time with Favrah, and have an Akashic Records reading a couple of weeks ago. I've been working through some locked up parts of myself and that came out in the reading. I am one who nurtures others and enjoys doing so, and it came out that I tend to forget to do this for myself. Like so many others out there, we forget that we need a full cup to help others.  
Thank you Favrah, for saying out loud, the things I was not listening to. I am working on it, and I am excited to see how the things that came up in our session play out in life over the next while.  
Big love and blessings in your practice!"

JD, Canada

“Late last year, I suffered a concussion and feeling the symptoms, I felt that I should seek some energy healing to speed up my recovery. I know a few Reiki practitioners, but a good friend strongly recommended Favrah for a Reiki session and after contacting her we made an appointment shortly afterwards. I was grateful with her accommodating me at short notice. Meeting Favrah at her office I was impressed with how warm and welcoming she was and how she had made her office into a deeply calming sanctuary. We talked and ascertained the extent of my injury and any other issues to address in the healing process that put me at ease further and added to the holistic healing that Favrah provides. I found the session to be both deeply healing and afterwards I had an abundance of energy and could comfortably interact with the world... a significant increase in my state of health! Since this session, I have had a couple more sessions with Favrah and I am continually impressed at her prowess as an energy healer in every facet. I have also had a hypnotherapy session with her and I was once again impressed with the range of her talents. I wholeheartedly recommend Favrah as a Reiki practitioner to anyone who is in the need for healing for any physical or emotional distress.”

LG, Canada

"Favrah is so very good at what she does. She has used reiki healing on my daughter since she was 3, she is 7 now.

I guess I should start with a little bit of our backstory. When my daughter was 3 she was diagnosed with SPD & we were told that while she had a lot of autistic tendencies she wasn't autistic. Everything was a struggle for her, often even the air touching her eyeballs was too much (sometimes it still is). She started talking about how there was an Evil Queen that lives in her body that creates a whirl pool in her belly & makes everything feel all sticky - that her brain & heart felt stuck. She also would say that she wanted to use the right words but that there were blocks in her brain that stopped her - she could see the blocks but couldn't make them go away. She is an amazing girl, she sees things & feels things - is able to articulate things in a way that not every kid is able to, but she can be a little off putting for some people. She doesn't like to be touched, she stares, like she sees your soul & deepest secret (this makes strangers in the grocery store uncomfortable) she can be very serious or very over animated - middle ground can be tough to find, she can be very rigid & is quite suspicious of new people & things out of the routine so while I knew that reiki would help her & Favrah would be a good fit, I was still nervous about her first appointment. I didn't need to be. Favrah was/is amazing, she is so welcoming, she spoke directly to my daughter, rather then asking me what the issues were. Favrah's healing space is very calming & peaceful & she explained everything in language that Isla understood. After that first appointment we noticed an immediate shift in my daughter, she was lighter - even just sitting next to her was lighter, easier, it was like she was able to finally take a deep breath & feel comfortable in her skin.

I could go on & on about Favrah & how the reiki sessions have helped our family - Favrah is truly an energetic healer."


"Couples Reiki with Favrah was an important experience in our relationship. When traditional talk therapy didn't really seem to be providing the healing we needed, it was really special to come together for Couples Reiki. Over about a year we attended about a dozen times. Favrah helped guide us to improve our communication and to understand and accept each other more. After some check-in time, we were held in a loving space and shared deep appreciation for each other while being supported with reiki. Some of our takeaway messages (those colourful post-its!) are still hanging around, reminding us that we are on the same side, and that it's important to appreciate our progress. Thank you Favrah!"