Herbal consultation

Full Bloom Herbals will support and guide you in choosing your healing path.  


We will have a detailed conversation about your concerns. 




The initial consult is roughly an hour and a half appointment


Follow up appointments range from 20-40 minutes and are charged at $1 per minute.

Cost of herbal supports ranges from $80 - $100 per month.

The Dispensary

After our consultation and planning I will formulate herbals supports to suit your particular needs and constitution. Suggested herbals may include tea, tincture, capsule and/or topical applications. Generally, expect to be able to pick up your order within a day or two of the initial consultation.


In some cases we can formulate together and preparations can be made during the consultation time. By keeping a dispensary in this fashion I am able to make the freshest herbal supports with love and intention to meet your unique needs. This also helps to keep costs as low as possible for you.